Why UX?

Digital technology has the power to fundementally impact people's lives if done well. I'm excited to work as a small cog in this industry and help to make technology a delight to use. I am naturally empathetic, a good learner and a good teacher.

I can break things down into simple steps and guide people through potentially complex concepts so that they understand what they need to understand, and nothing more.

In fact, to me UX is not just about digital, but every touchpoint on the customer's interaction with your product.

What I Enjoy About UX

I love meeting people, and I love watching them use my interfaces.

I get particularly excited when trying to analyze an unexpected behavior that proves me wrong.

I also love the variety. I get to use everything from post-its (tonnes of post-its!) to webcams, from excel to after-effects. Its never dull and it is a growing industry, so there's always new things to discover.

What I've learnt from Visual Design


Working in a Team

Smallworlders is a growing company. I was an early member of the team and have helped it expand.

Through this process, part of my role has been to work closely with our new developers, producers and designers to effectively manage their time and bring out the best in them.

At the client side I work closely with key stakeholders to ensure they have got the end product they envisaged, and more.

Spare Time

When I'm not working (or at home) you'll probably find me in a local cafe or bar discussing and playing music with anyone who will listen.

In my down-time I try to seek out the latest trends in technology (in whatever field that might be) and keep up with current scientific thinking. Thats right - I'm a musical geek.

I also like to keep active and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

For more about my experience and education, check my CV Download the PDF.

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